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VIRTUAL Fitness for Fun

  • 05 Feb 2024
  • 05 Dec 2024
  • Virtual

We live in Chicago and the weather isn't always conducive to being outside, so these are a great way to get in a workout without having to leave home! 

Exceeding two dozen options, there is a "Goldilocks" (fits just right) option for you! Sit 'n Fit options most 30-45 minutes . All led by physical trainers or other healthcare specialists. Go at your own pace, because the adage 'move it or lose it' is true. 

Yoga, Pilates, ZUMBA, Aerobic, Cardio, Strength Training easy-to-understand directions from fantastic instructors. Try them all and find your favorites! 

Beth (1), Jaynie (2 and 27), Laura (3), Lilly & Team (4 and 12), Arlene (5), Dr. Cecilia (6), Leah (7 and 10, 15, 21, 23), Deb  (8 and 13), Karen (9),  PAUL (11) , Suzanne (14 and 19), Nori (17), Jody (18 and 20),  Jen (22 and 24, 26, 29), and JOHN (25).  

Grab your water bottle, put on some comfortable clothes and try something new or an old favorite in the privacy of home. No equipment necessary other than a sturdy chair and optionals such as a yoga mat, towel or weights (which can simply be a soup can or filled water bottle). 

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