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21 Nov 2019 8:30 AM • NIU Conference Center, Dining Room, 1120 E Diehl Rd Naperville IL 60563

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  • 19 Sep 2019
  • 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
  • NIU Conference Center, Dining Room, 1120 E Diehl Rd Naperville IL 60563


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Keep the staff, including Laura Woods, focused during 4th Quarter while Mary is occupied with annual enrollment! How? Ask for a personal or business quote




Mary helps Seniors understand their options without charging for her services. Her clients benefit from her expertise, advocacy and passion and pay the same price as someone who calls a toll-free # or goes online and purchases direct as the insurance companies pay her a commission. She is licensed/certified across all brands so that the her clients can choose the correct choice for their unique journey.

Here is a synopsis of her presentation and the Q&A questions:

Change while inevitable in life moves slowly within the healthcare world of Medicare. MACRA is trending now but it actually passed in 2015. It took 3 years for social security #s to be removed from Medicare cards which was a priority initiative of MACRA and is finally complete. This will help combat identity theft issues as well as Medicare Fraud.

Another example, those on ADVANTAGE plans who are dual eligible (Medicare/Medicaid) can no longer change plans on a monthly basis. Making it more operationally sound by limiting changes to 3x/year but only once per quarter. No changes are allowed during the 4th quarter.  

The current MACRA initiative is the removal of plans C/F for those aging INTO Medicare in 2020 and beyond. The advertising may cause anxiety for those already on the program; however, those born BEFORE 1956 continue to have Plan C/F available to them (although if not already on C/F, they will be able to switch to them if they qualify as each company can apply underwriting medical questions). Currently, there is one brand in Illinois that offers a Guaranteed Issue option.

Driving C/F replacement is to reduce paid benefits. Those aging into Medicare in 2020 will have 'skin in the game' [for example plan G was at a $185 plan B deductible in 2019 while Plan N was a $20/$50 co-pay depending on services].

2020 pricing is not released until October. 

Will there be MEDICARE FOR ALL? Even if the politicians make this a reality, recognize that MEDICARE is not a complete health care solution—there's plenty that it doesn't cover (gaps) and that is why SUPPLEMENT plans exist.

Generally Medicare part A [hospital] is free as it was paid for by your past work history [with payroll deductions like Social Security]. If one doesn't qualify, what they are charged for part A depends on a number of factors. Medicare part B [doctors/out-patient] cost varies based on one's income from 2 years prior. Medicare part D (drug coverage) is rated as a stand-alone insurance policy or part of an ADVANTAGE plan.

WHAT TO DO? Work with trustworthy professionals and review annually during limited dates in Q4 (10/15-12/7) because of the factors that change. Not only industry wide changes due to legislation such as MACRA, but also the companies change prescription medicine formularies/tiers (impacting Part D coverage); in the case of ADVANTAGE plans (are your drugs covered, do your doctors still participate?) and, of course, most importantly one's health.

Most Medicare ADVANTAGE Plans offer coverage for things that aren't covered by Original Medicare, like vision, hearing, dental, and wellness programs (like gym memberships). Plans can also cover EXTRA benefits (other than they have in the past), including services like TRANSPORTATION to doctor visits, OVER-THE-COUNTER drugs, ADULT DAY-CARE services, and other health-related services that promote WELLNESS. 

In summary...the plan one selects when turning 65/74/83 may not be appropriate when you turn 66/75/84 and if you are hoping the services you offer Seniors will be included in ADVANTAGE plans, stay tuned! 

QUIZ ABOUT HELOISE, EDDY & BELINDA...and their trials and tribulations with when to begin coverage, what coverage to take, part B/D penalties incurred, etc.

Mary is available as a speaker on Medicare 101 or other topics during Jan-Oct. 


48 attendees [incl. guests of Maureen x2, Dennise, Rick, Laura and Judy]

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First CNA Symposium to be held at College of DuPage, Saturday <date?>. Great way to scout engaged CNAs who are interested in furthering their education. All day event with breakout sessions. Contact Maureen Wood for more information, this is 18-months of work on her part to make this happen. Sponsorship opportunities available.

Normal Aging vs Dementia Monday, Sept. 30, 2019, 5-6 pm Dementia Live with Right at Home 6-7 pm CE Seminar [1 contact hour nurses/social workers] with Arden Courts of Geneva (Pam Sebern, Executive Director)


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