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  • 2022 Full Sponsor NIU Monthly Membership Meeting [Beverage Service]

2022 Full Sponsor NIU Monthly Membership Meeting [Beverage Service]

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Solo-Sponsor our in-person ASSP monthly member networking and/or educational meeting at NIU. Funds offset the beverage service. Private display table to greet members as they arrive and/or place educational materials or giveaways at 36-72 seats or 12 tables (optional) Quick intro by VP, single slide and 10 minutes speaking before our membership (may be before or after the featured speaker's presentation). Only 3 spots remaining in 2022. FINAL SPONSORSHIP SUBJECT TO CONFIRMATION BY VICE-PRESIDENT Member price includes $4.25 convenience fee to partially offset the costs we incur from the payment system. If you wish to pay by check, it must be received PRIOR to the month you are sponsoring. You have the option to hand a check to the Treasurer at any NIU Monthly Member Meeting in advance of your sponsorship.


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